Thursday, March 18, 2004

More Passion

All in all I really liked The Passion. It was honest. Whether I agree with every detail or its theological assumptions is not the main point. It was an incredible courageous work of art by a serious person. Generally my philosophy about films is that if the maker(s) have something important that they're serious about saying, I'll take it seriously.

Here's a link to the book that inspired the film. It's bizarre but that's another topic.

The New York times on the day The Passion opened opined that Gibson might never work again. 300 Mil later, there is speculation that it might be the most successful film of all time. Monetarily that is. The Jesus Film is the most seen film of all time.

I told my wife that Mel Gibson could announce that he's doing 7 films on the life of Christ, of which The Passion is number 6 and Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn and Harvey Weinstein would probably line up to be a part of it. Money Talks in Hollywood. Besides Sarandon's performance as a Catholic Nun in Dead Man Walking was outstanding.

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