Wednesday, November 10, 2004


So last night, me and the McWife where at the Mercury Cafe, learning how to swing dance. The Lindy Hop is tough, man (luckily we're both natural athletes so we only looked moderately uncoordinated).

After the 6 pm class, I went over to the registration table where they had fliers for other swing-related events. And lo, there on the table was this announcement flier:

Dear Friends,

The internet is abuzz with convincing information telling us that the Bush election was rigged and stolen; that cheating and falsifying was rampant in Ohio and New Mexico, perhaps elsewhere, and the Kerry conceded much too quickly and should have demanded investigations.

Although we have no trouble believing that another election ahs been stolen, I've heard of no plan for doing anything about it. So far we have no person in our midst with enough visibility and clout to make this a national issue, to rally the people, to demand a full bi-partisan investigation. So we grumble among ourselves, seethe at the thought that we've been screwed again and hope that some Galahad will take up the cause and demand satisfaction.

How about coming together and discussing this issue with an aim to take action, to look for our Galahad, to keep the pot stirred up? The older this issue becomes the less heat it generates. Time is not on our side. Let me hear from you and let's meet on Monday, November 8, at 7:00 p.m. in the Red Room at the Mercury Café.

I look forward to seeing you. Peace.
Ken Seaman

I do wish that I could have Tivo'd that meeting. Now I hate to throw cold water on the 'heat' and let the pot sit unstirred until a gooey film develops on the surface, BUT...

Instapundit has these posts (from that conservative rag no less) that pop the balloon filled by Michael Moore, Air America and of course our own local hero, Ken Seaman. Air America has been awash with conspiracy theories about Diebolt Inc. and the electronic voting machines. Michael Moore used the language of a 'hacked' election. I guess we know who Ken Seaman is taking his cues from.

The Soxblog post has this from the Boston Globe:
The Globe's front page today has a treatment of the "internet buzz on vote fraud." To the Globe's credit, the fifth paragraph of its story bears the following disclaimer: "Much of the traffic is little more than Internet-fueled conspiracy theories, and none of the vote-counting problems and anomalies that have emerged are sufficiently widespread to have affected the election's ultimate result." Indeed, the general thrust of the Globe story is that this whole story is a steaming pile of liberal fever swamp crap.

If the Boston Globe is scoffing the left, then the left has problems.

Personally, I would love this controversy to lead to mandatory picture ID requirements to vote. This would be one benefit that would greatly improve the quality of our elections. Other than that, this "internet buzz" seems to be the left wing equivalent to the right wing buzz about Mena, Arkansas and drugs during the Clinton Administration. Both are wild accusations that end up draining money, time and energy from serious political purposes. I guess both sides have their silliness and bitterness, but now the role of minority party has been reversed. Given the prominence (in the Democratic Party) of those pushing the Bush "hacked" the election meme, I suspect that the minority party will remain so for quite some time to come.

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