Sunday, January 23, 2005

I'm back...finally

Well after being sick for almost 3 weeks and traveling to three separate conferences, I'm back. And in the two days since I've been home I've joined the Firefox Revolution. I read about Firefox in the Wired Magazine that came in the mail on Friday.

I decided to move to Firefox for two reasons. One, because it sounded fast and cool and it is. Two, because I'm so mad at Microsoft for their arrogant mistreatment of customers as evidenced in the SP2 debacle. I heard one of my organizations IT managers say that the misery of SP2 would sink any other company and should sink Microsoft. He also said his next laptop will likely be a Apple because Microsoft has become such a nightmare.

I figure Firefox is a market force brought to bear on the lazy, arrogant monopoly at Microsoft.

Join the resistance. Get Firefox!

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