Thursday, July 21, 2005

Morgan Spurlock Watch: Watch out for Big Food

Last year I was having a meeting with a group of teachers at my child's school. During a side conversation my wife mentioned to one of the teachers present that we had just come from McDonalds and that my youngest daughter loved the fries.

The teacher suddenly had an urgent and anxious look on her face and asked us in deadly serious tones, "Have you seen that movie, "Super-Size Me"? "You should really see that movie."

Before I could respond the meeting was called to order but I was left with a disturbed feeling that one of my child's educators had been ignorantly duped into fearing McDonalds by Morgan Spurlock.

Morgan Spurlock Watch is a web site dedicated to helping folks like the teacher I mentioned to consider the source.

I first learned skepticism of Spurlock when I saw a spot on ABC Primetime where several people had eaten at McDonald for a month and actually lost weight and gotten healthier.

It turns out that Spurlock is a charlatan who peddles falsehoods to protect us all from Big Food.

Just as I suspected. It would have worked if it wasn't for those meddling kids.

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