Friday, June 30, 2006

Double Black Diamond

Stanley Kurtz on Big Love & Polygamy on National Review Online: "Will Scheffer, co-creator of Big Love, wrote Falling Man and Other Monologues, a play about gay life, as a direct response to the public battle over same-sex marriage. Commenting on Falling Man, Scheffer said, 'The voice from the conservative right is getting louder and louder, so I think we have to state who we are in our lives, especially with the reversal of the marriage thing in California.' Scheffer sees Falling Man as an entry into the gay marriage battle, and he and his co-creator, Mark Olsen clearly see Big Love the same way.

Speaking to The Washington Blade, Olsen said he and Scheffer wanted to address our culture war over the family by trying to 'find the values of family that are worth celebrating separate of who the people are and how they're doing it.' In other words, family structure shouldn't matter as long as people love each other. Scheffer adds that what attracted him to the Big Love project was 'the subversive nature of how we deal with family values....I think what's really exciting about the show is the nonjudgmental look we have on our characters.' Now maybe cultural radicals are mistaken when they claim that they can change society just by shaping the movies, plays, and television we watch. But clearly this kind of cultural transformation is exactly what Scheffer and Olsen have in mind."

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