Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bill Clinton Freaks Out

He didn't do it because he couldn't.

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Rich Street said...

Bill Clinton irrationally defending his legacy and losing his temper, what's the newsworthiness here. Why are people suprised and shocked at his behavior?

Got to rant here. He would send 20,000 more troops into Afghanistan right now if he were President (oh, wait, he doesn't criticize current president's)? However, he was afraid to send 100 Special Forces into Afghanistan because they couldn't get landing rights in Uzbekistan (the current President could within 72 hours of 9/11). He was too afraid of a mid air refueling? Doesn't sound to me like someone who is going to send 20,000 additional troops into Afghanistan. Don't worry Mr. Clinton you have already enough money from Hollywood to build that expansion wing onto your Presidential Library.

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