Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Technology in Tragedy

'Ismail Ax' sparks web frenzy - Technology -

The rapid search and response of that term offered another snapshot of how quickly the web disseminates information and connects people.

On Monday, compelling mobile phone videos of the scene at Virginia Tech raced across the web. The next day, the internet provided reflection and a search for answers.

At, a social networking site popular with college and high school students, hundreds of impromptu memorials to the victims were posted, many adorned with a black ribbon circling the school's logo.

Yahoo reported that "Virginia Tech shooting" was the most searched term on its site. Traffic at news organization sites also surged.

At, the report about Ismail Ax and other details set off the busiest hour in the site's history, with 524,000 page views during the early afternoon.

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