Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Blogging

I am thankful for rest. Oddly enough blogging is restful for me. I love learning and I blog some of what I learn so blogging is a by-product of what feels like recreational learning. To the extent that learning is unconnected to some kind of work, it is recreational for me.

Writing, however, is exhausting. Which is why my blog posts are so often bereft of comment by yours truly. I post the ideas, or at least the carrier of the ideas in a news item or commentary but resist the work of actual writing. This would make blogging laborious. And since blogging is something I tend to do in my leisure hours, I engage in leisurely blogging (e.g. sans writing, solo linking).

Ironically, since the Thanksgiving holiday is a time of abundant rest, I find I have time and energy to actually write. The motivation for this labor is my gratitude for the cessation of labor commanded in the Bible. One who works constantly is a slave, regardless of pay. I am grateful that God cares enough about me and humanity to urge us to refrain from voluntary slavery.

Thanksgiving is among the last truly shared American experiences. It is the closest modern remnant of the holidays (read Holy Days) of the Bible. The nation refrains from it's usual work to rest, celebrate and ponder it's beliefs and values.

I pray that this holyday weekend would be for you a time of rest, recreation and meaning.

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