Sunday, April 13, 2008

Violent Femmes

Suspects in video beating could get life in prison - "Eight Florida teenagers -- six of them girls -- will be tried as adults and could be sentenced to life in prison for their alleged roles in the videotaped beating of another teen, the state attorney's office said Thursday."

This case is horrific. It illustrates that you don't need violent video games to have violence. I'll bet money that these girls have never played an hour of violent video games.

One other thing: Many people I talk to on college campuses say that "an eye for an eye" is a barbaric doctrine. This case illustrates that barbarism is the natural bent of humanity. Escalation is the fruit of barbarism: eye for a bruise, life for an eye, etc. This cycle of violence dates back to Lamech in Genesis chapter 4.

An Eye for an Eye is a progressive moral development in history. It ends the cycle of violence by ending escalation and demanding justice. A rich mans eye is worth the same as a poor mans eye. The eye of a nobleman is worth as much as a commoner.

One wonders what motivated these girls to beat their friend unrecognizable. Whatever it was, it was not a gang beating.

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