Friday, May 30, 2008

Reveal--Does It?

The Necessary Things: Reveal--Does It?: "Here are my questions: Is this graph a big surprise to you as you think about your own church? If programs are not the primary way you experience spiritual growth, what is?"

This is a very interesting question with the data provided. At this stage of my life, growth is caused by sharing my faith, serving my family, serving strangers, and raising money. Churches tend to help mostly with serving your family. Serving friends and neighbors is good but doesn't cause me to grow at the rate of these others.

One of the reasons that campus ministry can be such a green house for growth is that it can help students share their faith, serve strangers, and learn how to trust God with financial resources. Because students don't have jobs often in college this puts them in a position to raise money which requires and causes growth.

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