Monday, March 30, 2009


MySpace shrinks as Facebook, Twitter and Bebo grab its users | Technology | The Observer: "MySpace had 124 million monthly unique visitors last month, a decline of 2%, according to the marketing research company comScore. Facebook, by contrast, racked up 276 million unique visitors, an increase of 16.6%.

Michael Arrington, co-editor of the influential industry blog TechCrunch, posted: 'What was a bad situation in November 2008 is starting to turn outright ugly - Facebook is now well over twice the size of MySpace ... It was less than a year ago that MySpace and Facebook were the same size.'"


Anonymous said...

A lot of it has to do with Facebook's constantly evolving user-interface which makes it that much more accessible. The other is the ads - Myspace doesn't know how to get them out of your face.

Ryan said...

...and the networking factor makes it a higher trust environment.

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