Saturday, September 18, 2004

The McRyanMac Movie Review Rating System

Because I value the time spent watching films and the money spent paying for them, my rating system will help you decide how I would spend both with regard to each film.

My rating system also is heavily weighted to the moral and philosophical value of the story. I believe human beings are hard wired for stories. Movies with little plot or frivolous goals do not rate well. I do not consider comedy a frivolous goal. But even comedy has a moral component and the best are in story form (which is why I’ve never liked slapstick).


Own it:
Movies of such surpassing greatness that multiple viewings are required to fully appreciate their mastery.

Big Screen:
Movies that are worth paying the bucks to see in the theatre. In fact these movies lose their experiential power if not seen in theatre mode.

Movies that are definitely worth seeing.

On the Plane:
Movies that you might watch if you are on a plane and your not tired and have nothing else pressing or interesting to do.

Don’t waste your time or money:
You get the picture.

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