Sunday, October 31, 2004

American Digest: Fifty Reasons Why

American Digest (who has never voted for a Republican Presidential Candidate) gives 50 of the most powerful reasons that I've ever seen to vote for George W. Bush.

In his own words:
"Before this, I voted Democrat right down the line. But I was asleep and I was foolish. Now, at least I can say I'm awake."

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millersam said...

Run by extremists for four more years this country will go down even further than it already did. What was good about Bush?
Except that he was lying to you the way you wanted it?

Maybe by 2008 you will realize that this huge deficit will have to be paid back by your kids. And all the money spend now will not have build anything. I
It will be simply gone. We are not building a new Hoover Dam. We are wasting money on the wrong war. Creating more terrorists every day were there were none before.

Tony Blair can not access right now.
Nobody outside of the US can. What kind of messages is Mr Bush sending?
Is this his "one finger victory" to the world? If that the America you want, then
think about how many parts in that computer you are using is american made.
Then think about where the car is being made that you drive? And where was the car made that you would love to drive? America needs the world, much like the world needs America. But not one that is run by extreme right wing politicians. Four years ago Bush promised compassionate conservatism. What was left from it?

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