Monday, October 18, 2004

Bumperstickers in Boulder #3:

This is another gem.

First there is the flat admission that President Bill Clinton lied (which of course is painful to many in Boulder).

Then there is the implication (apparently) that the current administration "lied". The Duelfer Report finishes a long history of refutations of this silly point (So Tony Blair lied too, huh?; If the CIA tells you there's a threat you just ignore it right?).

Third it completely absolves President Clinton of any responsibility for Sept. 11. I don't mean to lay the blame at Clinton's feet but just what was Osama Bin Laden doing while Clinton was falsely testifying about whether he had ever had sex with someone who worked for him? He was training hundreds of terrorists who would end up in Bali, Beslan, Israel, and of course, slamming into the World Trade Center. Seems to me the right could make mean-spirited bumper stickers that say:

"Osama and Clinton, they did it because they could."
Or "Osama planned his kill while Monica stained her dress with Bill.
Come to think of it, except for the NRA, you just don't see many right wing political bumper stickers.
They must be too busy listening to talk radio.

Or blogging.
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