Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Elite Conservatives have been blogged down by Miers pick...

The American Thinker: "There is also a palpable hunger for a struggle to the death with hated and verbally facile liberals like Senator Chuck Schumer. Having seen that a brilliant conservative legal thinker with impeccable elite credentials can humble the most officious voices of the Judiciary Committee, they demand a replay. Thus we hear conservatives sniffing that a Southern Methodist University legal education is just too non-Ivy League, adopting a characteristic trope of blue state elitists. We hear conservatives bemoaning a lack of judicial experience, and not a single law review article in the last decade as evidence of a second rate mind."

I think there are many on the right who feel right now, what Dan Rather felt last fall.

Who in the world does this hick from the sticks think she is? Well who were these "bloggers" from Minnesota and Atlanta taking on the almighty CBS (Oz) and Dan Rather (the Wizard).

It turns out that people know things, even if they didn't earn an Ivy League education.

I think the most interesting aspect of the Miers pick is the fact that she is from "fly over country". I think some on the right are all for the "wisdom of crowds" until one of the crowd gets promoted to elite status. Then it's fits (like the one I heard from Ann Coulter today) about how someone without a degree from the right law school couldn't be fit for the SCOTUS.

I'm sure Dan Rather still thinks that journalists can only be qualified if they earn degrees from the best journalism schools. Turns out that's not true.

I imagine the same is true of SCOTUS justices.

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