Thursday, October 20, 2005

Myths About Gun Control By John Stossel

RealClearPolitics - Commentary - Myths About Gun Control By John Stossel: "'Don't tell me this bill will not make a difference,' said President Clinton, who signed the Brady Bill into law.

Sorry. Even the federal government can't say it has made a difference. The Centers for Disease Control did an extensive review of various types of gun control: waiting periods, registration and licensing, and bans on certain firearms. It found that the idea that gun control laws have reduced violent crime is simply a myth.

I wanted to know why the laws weren't working, so I asked the experts. 'I'm not going in the store to buy no gun,' said one maximum-security inmate in New Jersey. 'So, I could care less if they had a background check or not.'

'There's guns everywhere,' said another inmate. 'If you got money, you can get a gun.'"

To see gun control laws in action, watch the movie Lord of War.

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