Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Code Tools

Campus Crusade has developed two tools to help students understand and explain the myriad errors in The Da Vinci Code.

They have rightly seen this as a great opportunity. The arrogance of Sir Leigh Teabing in the novel is a set up for the ignorant to trumpet claims of a conspiracy against the divine feminine by the Christian Church.

The reality is so devastating to Dan Brown's absurd novel that if properly explained it might shame some from ever questioning the veracity of the Bible again. It's humiliating being so wrong so many times and no one wants to be ridiculed. I can just hear students parroting Teabing as if he was a real person or claimed real history. When they find out that the Priory of Sion is a bald hoax, the dam of ignorance will crack and then a flood of errors, omissions and falsehoods will burst forth in deluge. Humiliations galore.

To aid this exercise in shaming the obstreperous, CCC has these resources.

The first is a mini-magazine that briefly and elegantly addresses issues in the book and film and offers an explanation of the gospel at the end. This is a great tool to hand someone with casual questions about the film or book.

The second is a brief narrative of 3 students investigating the claims of the movie and book and finding out what I mentioned above. It has enough details to satisfy the curious about the absurd claims of The Da Vinci Code but is an easy read and brief. It even has the famous quote from the Gospel of Thomas that should have been number one on the Constantinian Misogyny Hit Parade. Bwaaahaaa! But I digress.

I'll post more from my talk on the Code this last week as I have time.

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steve said...

"I'll post more from my talk on the Code this last week as I have time."

And I hope you'll cross-post your talk at Triablogue so that we'll have the benefit of your insight and hands-on experience.

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