Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What's your story?

Parenting the Heart - byFaith Online: "Every person adopts a "“story"” to explain his or her view of the world. All stories that rational people believe claim to explain human suffering and human happiness. In other words, if a story did not have some degree of plausibility and believability nobody would listen to it. Nobody gives their life to a story or a system they don't think works. And yet many 30, 40 or 50 year-old adults suddenly wake up one to realize they have been giving their lives to a system that had no possibility of making them happy.

What are the dominant stories in our culture today? What is competing with the Christian story for the allegiance of our children? What stories are capturing their hearts? Pat Morley outlined the following stories in his book for high school boys, The Young Man in the Mirror, which he adapted from Postman and Mardi Keyes.

The Story of the American Dream: Remember when you were in third grade and your teacher told you that someone in the class might grow up to be President one day? That'’s the American Dream. "
It goes on from there listing many other stories that compete with the Christian story in the minds of all Americans.

Definitely worth a read. Thanks again Cathy Groves. You need to start your own blog!

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