Thursday, December 21, 2006

Choosing to live in Reality

I'm on the train into Boston right now. The new version of Word (2007) has removed some of the mental barriers of tedium that keep me from blogging.

The train has become my time. I've got more to do than I have time for and I realized recently that I was crowding out personal health and development in favor of chipping away at my to do list. I decided that the train to and from Boston each day would by my 30 minute mental vacation from my usual grind.

This has been very good for me. I realized recently that perhaps more than any other thing, I enjoy learning. The train is my time to learn. Usually that means reading. I'm currently reading Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work by Eugene Peterson. But I forgot my book at the office the other day so this morning I'm blogging.

I need to change the blurb on my blog because the reality is that I don't blog about life and God and all that other stuff. I used to do movie reviews but since moving to Boston my schedule has been so crammed that I can't justify the time to do those any more. And since it's rude to take a laptop into the theatre…

In reality I link to news stories that I find interesting or significant. Usually the stories are political, moral or cultural. Since the war in Iraq is the central moral, cultural and political issue of the day, I spend most of my blog time on Iraq and its implications.

I may put on my headphones and "read" my other book. I'm listening to the audio version of Mayflower. It's really good, especially now that I live in New England.

OK, gotta go to work.


Andy Nagel said...

I read that book earlier this fall. Loved it. Peterson is a gem.

Andy said...

I read Five Smooth Stones, that is.

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