Sunday, December 24, 2006

Sex for Kids at Christmas

I went to see Happy Feet with my kids today. It had plenty of sexual lyrics, gestures and positions but no skin, at least not human skin. Plenty of penguin skin though. Naked penguins everywhere, looking for action. To be fair, this was lost on my kids because their young minds have not yet apprehended the symbolism of the birds and the bees. As a film, it was visually spectacular, musically inventive but morally confused. Typical of much of modern children's fables it is an amalgam of worldviews. Much like Dinosaur this movie is mostly a materialist tale of nature's evolutionary politics with a dash of humanism to make it gibe with Western politics. So it shouldn't be surprising to see sexuality for the young in a film such as this. Its natural isn't it. Yes, and so is flatulence. When humans are cut off from the image of God, limits, taboos, boundaries or what is otherwise known as "sin" is no longer an issue. Just do what comes naturally. Real animals care nothing for the humanism that humanizes these cute animal "kids" films. They are consistent materialists. Real humans blanch at the impolitic cruelty and unbridled sexuality of the natural order, so much so that some question the existence of God. Ironically it is the Christmas story, God with us, word become flesh, which elevates from materialism, and underwrites humanism. If God has not made us, then of course we should act like animals.

Merry Christmas. God save us, every one.

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