Monday, January 22, 2007

DirecTV is the worst

DirecTV is a customer service nightmare. The geniuses at DirecTV decided they could make their own DVR boxes and kick Tivo to the curb. Probably because they didn't want to pay for a brand name product. When our original Tivo box died after 2 years the box DirecTV replaced it with is an abomination of desolation.

Our "DirecTV DVR" is a functional disaster. As my wife says "it makes me not want to watch TV". Just want you want to pay for from a TV company.

It hangs. It drops the digital time code so you can't fast forward or reverse. I takes 2-5 seconds to respond to remote commands. It doesn't record what it's told to. When you try to record a live sporting event it jumps to the end so that you see the final score without seeing the game first.

When you call DirecTV they say the box needs a software upgrade, but it doesn't need a software upgrade, but it needs to be totally reset and erased, and it needs a technician to come and check the satellite. Each time I call I get a different answer. They're either lying or incompetent


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Anonymous said...

You're right DirecTV customer service is a nightmare. I hate this company.
When my first contract expired I was offered by Dish Net to switch and they would give me a second DVR box and a fixed lower rate for a year contract. I called DirecTV and asked them to match that deal. They did (so I was told on the phone). Problems began right away I was charged for the DVR box plus tax and shipping after talking with a supervisor (a wait of 45-1hour to get to) He told me that the deal I was offered was on the computer but didn't get posted to my account because the sales people get dings on their record for every deal they offer. After many months of a bill that would literally take 15 minute to figure out with about 20 lines of credits and charges. I thought I was clear, but then the $5 month discount I was supposed to get for the first year disappeared after 3 months into my contact. Another supervisor later I was told it was a mistake and gave me back the discount. Now 8 months into my two year contract and the monthly amount that was supposed to be fixed for 1 year at 44.99 went up. They now are charging me $5 extra. I called after finally getting to a supervisor. I asked him how can your sales people offer me a fixed rate for the first year and than change the terms of the contract we both agreed too? He had nothing useful to say to me and gave me an address to write in a complaint. Oh, I forgot to talk about the DVR box that box is a piece of ******. Several friends have told me they feel the same about their box. I wish there was an alternative company.

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