Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Day

So last night I sat down with my kids to read the "I have a Dream" speech from "The Book of Virtues" to celebrate MLK.

Then I thought better of the times and pulled this up on the old pc.

What an age we live in.


Ian said...

I live in what some say is the most racially divided city in America (Memphis-This also happens to be the place where MLK was assassinated). I have lived here three years. It took about a year for me to begin picking up on "insider" language. This language is racially driven but is clothed around topics of real estate, economics or school systems. To put it bluntly, the good schools, good housing and good jobs exist in the "white" areas of town. We have a long way to go in Memphis. I am glad we worship a God who shows no favoritism!!


McRyanMac said...

The new day I referred to was a of the technological variety, not racial equality.

Recently I observed instances of racial insensitivity that hit very close to home.

Ironically, my own childhood in racially diverse suburbs of LA has left me ignorant of the painful wounds of racism that are a continuing part of a sinful world.

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