Saturday, February 10, 2007

Gisburne: Victim of Google Fascism?

"They can have my internet, when they pry it from my cold dead fingers."

Seriously, this is disturbing.

Atheist Nick Gisburne was fine on You Tube while he was skewering Christians, but when he turned his attention to Islam, it turned out the you in You Tube didn't include him after all.

Even though I'm not an atheist I am angry at Google's decision to curb speech because of it's content. Please don't call it You Tube any more. Call it Google Tube or something equally undemocratic.

Glenn Reynolds sums up the obvious whirlwind awaiting Google and all of us:
"Christians who want similar consideration from Google will presumably have to start blowing things up and beheading people. As I've noted before, it's quite unwise to create this kind of incentive structure. I thought the Google people were supposed to be smart."

Join me as I visit Matthias for clues on how to give You Tube a little free speech.

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