Friday, June 01, 2007

Death Penalty Deterrence - News From The Associated Press:
"Newton had insisted on the death penalty as punishment for choking and beating Jason Brewer, 27, his cellmate at the Mansfield Correctional Center, over a chess game in 2001."

Associated Press:
"Brewer died a few hours after the attack at Ohio State University Medical Center. Newton told authorities he made a rope and later cut a strip from his prison jumpsuit to strangle Brewer when the rope broke. He also stomped on Newton's head, throat and chest.

Newton admitted to the killing, and said he had never met or heard of Brewer until they had been put together in the cell."

Some say that the death penalty is not a deterrent to murder. Here is a clear case where a murderer has been deterred from murdering any more fellow inmates while playing chess.

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