Sunday, June 03, 2007

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Personal data found hidden in iTunes tracks-Business-Industry Sectors-Media-TimesOnline

Fresh privacy fears have been sparked after it emerged that Apple has embedded personal information into music files bought from its iTunes online music store.

Technology websites examining iTunes products discovered that personal data, including the name and e-mail addresses of purchasers, are embedded into the AAC files that Apple uses to distribute music tracks.

The information is also included in tracks sold under Apple’s iTunes Plus system, launched this week, where users pay a premium for music that is free from the controversial digital rights (DRM) software that is designed to safeguard against piracy.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation, the
online consumer rights group, added that it had identified a large amount of
additional unaccounted-for information in iTunes files. It said it was
possible that the data could be used to “watermark” tracks so that the
original purchaser could be tracked down were a track to appear on a
file-sharing network.

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