Friday, July 20, 2007

Irreligion and its Opponents Are Atheist Books Best Sellers?::By Dennis Prager
In Western Europe and among the best educated in America, religion is regarded as nonsense at best and toxic at worst. And the liberal wings of Christianity and Judaism offer few or no arguments against the dominant secularism. Indeed it is virtually impossible to distinguish between a liberal Christian or Jew and a liberal secularist. Neither holds any text to be divine, both get their values from their hearts and minds, and they come to identical conclusions about virtually all moral issues. The liberal Christian, the liberal Jew and the liberal secularist all regard the human fetus as morally worthless; regard the man-woman definition of marriage as a form of bigotry; and come close to holding pacifist beliefs, to cite but a few examples.

Finally, many of the traditionally religious have gravitated away from rational beliefs into irrational, mystical and emotional religiosity. And on those occasions when they speak to the irreligious, they often talk to them just as they would to fellow religionists. I have been on national television talk shows with some of these religious spokesmen, good people all, but I cringed at their unsophisticated responses to the questions put to them. They would simply affirm their beliefs -- which undoubtedly sounded wonderful to their congregants, but did not sway a single secular viewer.

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