Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oxford Debate

Fraudulent report at AAAS and the 1986 Oxford University debate.
Pertaining to the context of the 1986 debate, the following is a quote from Malcolm Bowden's book "True Science Agrees with the Bible", pp 257-258

"David C.C. Watson suggested to the president of the Oxford Union Debating Society that the Huxley Memorial Debate should be on creation vs. evolution. 'That the doctrine of creation is more valid than the theory of evolution' was debated on February 14th, 1986 and was principally between Dr. Richard Dawkins and Prof. John Maynard-Smith against Prof. Wilder-Smith and Prof. Edgar Andrews. The real surprise was that 37% of the undergraduates voted for the creationists -- 115 for, 198 against!
This result no doubt shocked the university so all references to the debate having ever taken place was [sic] expunged from the records! No newspaper or periodical ever referred to either. Now the undergraduate organizers are under no obligation to keep any records of events, but it is doubtful they would have taken such a drastic step without first consulting their tutors. To suggest that the academics may have been the prime movers is, of course, pure speculation. For whatever reason, that all records of the event were completely removed is a severe indictment of those who decided to take this action. It is also an indication of how fearful they are of any evidence against evolution (and by inference for creation) that they treat it as if it never existed. The society, wanting to completely wash its hands of the debate, even sold the copyright of the tapes of the meeting to David Watson who circulated a number of copies."

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