Thursday, August 02, 2007

Free Exchange of Ideas?

Not on campus.

Hot Air » Blog Archive » Hot Air audio: How one wealthy jihad supporter is using UK courts to kill American free speech
It’s difficult to overstate the importance of this story. The Chronicle of Higher Education (sub. required) on Wednesday published an article about Khalid bin Mafouz, a wealthy Saudi banker, and his successful effort to persuade the Cambridge University Press to halt the publication of four books that detail how Saudi citizens use their wealth to finance global terrorism. One of those books, Alms for Jihad, was once on sale at Amazon and elsewhere, but it has been pulled from sale and copies of it are now being pulped. Cambridge has even sent out letters to libraries that stock it and the other three books, asking for their return so that they too can be pulped, meaning they will soon disappear, burying the details they contain on how terrorism finance works and who is behind it.

Hollywood won't stand for this though. They make documentaries and movies all the time that speak truth to power.


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