Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Survivor Leaders

Survivor Leaderships: Who Survives and Why? : OnMovements
# Survivor Leaders recognize, acknowledge and even accept the reality of their situations. They keep their perceptions and cognitive functions working . . . they notice the details.
# Survivor Leaders stay calm. While they may be afraid, they use fear without being ruled by it. They watch for any mutiny of too much emotion–often using humor to help them stay calm.
# Survivor Leaders quickly organize, set up routines and institute discipline. They are always thinking, analyzing and planning.
# Survivor Leaders take decisive actions; they are bold, but cautious in carrying out small, manageable tasks. They deal with what is within their power from moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day.
# Survivor Leaders celebrate successes. They take joy in completing tasks–regardless of how small. Small successes rejoiced in prevents a descent into hopelessness.
# Survivor Leaders count their blessings and work to help others “survive.” They become rescuers instead of victims.
# Survivor Leaders play mind games, sing, recite poetry, count things, do math problems in their heads. The deeper activities of the intellect stimulate, entertain and calm the mind. They love poetry.
# Survivor Leaders see the beauty. They are attuned to the wonder of the world. Appreciation of beauty opens the senses.
# Survivor Leaders believe that they will succeed.
# Survivor Leaders let go of the fear of dying; they put away the pain. They don’t let the pain or the fear of death dominate their thinking.
# Survivor Leaders do whatever is necessary. To them, anything is possible and they act accordingly.
# Survivor Leaders never give up.

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