Friday, December 07, 2007

Bush's Legacy

Charleston Daily Mail
What happened in 2003?

The Iraq war.

President Bush decided not to take the chance that Saddam Hussein had turned Iraq into an armory of weapons of mass destruction. Byrd had voted against the war in part because he thought Hussein would use his warehouses of chemical weapons against our troops.

When American soldiers got there, thank God, they found no WMD.

The intelligence community had gotten it wrong.

Maybe the intelligence community has it wrong again on Iran.

But we do know that shortly after allied troops took over Baghdad, Libya's Muammar Gaddafi volunteered to give up his programs to develop WMD.

Perhaps Iran followed suit.

Just remember, in 2005 these same intelligence experts said Iran was working on a nuclear program.

I notice that many of those who swear this report is gospel pooh-poohed the earlier report.

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