Sunday, September 19, 2004

All the good things they never tell you about today's Iraq

is an article by the incomparable Mark Steyn (via Hugh Hewitt).

"In Sudan, the civilised world is (so far) doing everything to conform with the UN charter, which means waiting till everyone's been killed and then issuing a strong statement expressing grave concern.

As for Iraq, the UN system designed to constrain Saddam was instead enriching him, through the Oil-for-Food programme, and enabling him to subsidise terrorism. Given that the Oil-for-Fraud programme was run directly out of Kofi Annan's office, the Secretary-General ought to have the decency to recognise that he had his chance with Iraq, he blew it, and a period of silence from him would now be welcome."
I'm not sure why anyone should trust the U.N. with geo-political questions. Read the whole thing.

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Richard said...

My suspicion is that the UN is not just neutral in terms of doing nothing to abate international conflict, but that its presence, in some perverse way, actually increases and causes it. I would like to see this logic developed. This logic of backward consequences so often works itself out in human life. Communism, which will cause the state to wither away, creates the most monstrous states in human history. Liberalism will alleviate racial tension increases it with every attempt, whether it be the modern welfare state which caused more erosion in the black community, or busing, which increases segregation in all cities where it is tried, or affirmative action, which has isolated and resegregated black students on almost every campus in America. So, I suspect, the UNs stated purpose of being a forum where international disputes can be solved apart from war, SYSTEMATICALLY creates disputes everyday and escalates them on a regular basis. It paradoxically creates ten fold what it is suppose to solve. Could a Thomas Sowell step forward and clearly spell out this logic?


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