Saturday, February 12, 2005

From Dan Rather to Eason Jordan

I don't know if you have been following the Eason Jordan (CNN Executive) scandal. I've been loosely following it via my favorite blogs. Why is it important? It is another milestone in the new era of media and information.

HughHewitt sums up the sea change:

"In Thursday's column I detailed how the blogs beat MSM on the story like a bongo drum. At this hour, if you type 'Eason Jordan' into the search engine of the Los Angeles Times, there will be no matches. None. The Times is not alone in having utterly failed its readers. A senior news executive has been forced to resign from an international news powerhouse for remarks he made about the military, the story is two weeks old, and the 'paper of record' of the West Coast does not have story on it in its archives, which probably means no stories at all, though search engines do sometimes fail.

The Times is not alone for demonstrating again a 'news judgment' hopelessly skewed by liberal bias. Some big papers got a 'just-in-time' treatment of the story into their pages, but most of those gave no hint that a real opinion storm had developed around Jordan, and none of them pushed the story along. It was new media's work, and only new media's that brought accountability to Eason Jordan and CNN."

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