Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Jason Mitchener ~ Biography

Sure enough, the Jason from the post below is the Jason that I knew in college. I was first involved with Campus Crusade at ASU and that's where Jason's life was changed:

Jason Mitchener was born with a rare neuromuscular disease that now confines him to an electric wheelchair and requires him to use a ventilator to breathe. His body may be confined, but his spirit soars free.

Raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Jason spent his childhood chasing after academic success and popularity. He desired to be noticed for something other than his disability. Jason achieved academic success and was quite popular in school, but when he started college at Arizona State University in 1988, something was missing.In the second semester of his freshman year, Jason was invited to the weekly meeting of Campus Crusade for Christ. Religion wasn't new to him, as he had been a member of an Eastern religion called the Baha'i Faith, but these young Christians helped Jason see that he needed a relationship with Jesus Christ. Jason had been chasing after everything except what he needed most... Jesus.

After giving his life to the Lord, Jason got involved in many Christian activities on the college campus. He thought he had his life planned out and looked forward to perhaps starting a
performing arts ministry. All that changed suddenly in December of 1991 when he was admitted to the hospital with major breathing difficulty. A few weeks later, he was in a long-term care facility and connected to a portable ventilator that
was breathing for him.Jason thought his dreams had ended and gave up on God. But God didn't give up on him. After six months of not wanting to live but fearing death, Jason finally reached out to the Father for help. God helped him and told
Jason to share his comfort with others.

With newfound hope, Jason turned his attention to writing and preaching. His song lyrics and devotional writing inspire and encourage Christians to draw closer to God. Jason has had his songs released on three CDs by Christian independent artists. In 2003, he published his devotional book "Just Passing Through: Notes from a Fellow Traveler." Later that year, Jason released a music CD also titled “Just Passing Through: Notes
from a Fellow Traveler” which is a collection of ten contemporary Christian songs written or co-written by Jason but performed by talented studio musicians. Jason is also an accomplished digital artist using 3D software to create vibrant
images. Finally, Jason is a Christian speaker sharing his testimony "Power in Weakness" whenever and wherever he has the opportunity.

Jason currently lives in Phoenix and attends Crossroads Christian Fellowship.

You can read Jason's Testimony here.

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