Thursday, September 29, 2005

Don't Say These Words at Bucknell "Two words. At Bucknell University, that's all it takes to get dragged into the President's Office for a half-hour discussion of word choice. And these aren't offensive words, at least not out here in the real world. But Bucknell apparently has a different definition of what is and is not acceptable.

On August 29th, the Bucknell University Conservatives Club sent out a campus-wide e-mail announcing an upcoming speaker: Major John Krenson, who had been in Afghanistan 'hunting terrorists.' Those two words--'hunting terrorists'--resulted in three students being called to Bucknell's Office of the President by Kathy Owens, the Executive Assistant to the President.

According to the students, when they arrived at the President's Office for the meeting, Ms. Owens held up a print-out of the offending e-mail and said 'we have a problem here,' telling the students that the words 'hunting terrorists' were offensive. For the next half-hour, the three students were given a lecture on inappropriate phrasing.

(When contacted, Ms. Owens did acknowledge that the meeting took place, but refused to answer any questions about what transpired. She did not deny the account of the students.)

Last year, while collecting footage for my upcoming film Indoctrinate U, I noticed that the campus was plastered with flyers that screamed 'vagina' in large block letters. Although some people might find these flyers offensive, it is protected speech at Bucknell--as it should be--but apparently the phrase 'hunting terrorists' is not.

(Perhaps someone should remind Bucknell's administrators that the American soldiers who are 'hunting terrorists' are fighting the very sort of misogynistic thugs who would gladly stone a woman to death for talking about her vagina in public.)"

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