Friday, September 02, 2005

Truth and the Internet

I wrote this in an email today and we all might benefit:

Well I hate to be the party pooper but, this is a hoax.

The article about decoy worshippers is from a parody newspaper. See the article here:

Lark News is laugh out loud funny. It does for Christianity what the does for the rest of the news.

Both Lark News and The Onion (and for that matter which is probably better than both) present parody news articles.

They are not true.

Sadly, most people don’t check out what they read in emails and therefore often believe things that are false.

The first rule of email and the internet, is never believe anything?

Why should you believe me? You shouldn’t. You should check it out for yourself and until you can verify personally if something is true, it probably isn’t.

I put the words, “Jim”, “Kendall”, “decoy” and “worshippers” into Google and discovered in .47 seconds that this decoy worshipper story is not a real news story.

If it’s that easy then we all must be responsible to check out the truth before we send it off to friends and family as if it were.

I first learned this when a ministry partner of mine (a very sincere friend) sent me an email about how the woman who wrote the Harry Potter books had planned all along for her books to lead children into worshipping Satan.

It sounded incredible and I discovered it was when at the bottom of the article I saw the by line as

There are many such parody sights and many more sights that are not a parody but could be (

Even the New York Times struggles with the truth:

Maybe that’s not as surprising at it once was.

Don’t believe it until you verify it. And definitely don’t send it, until you’d be willing to bet at least $100 on it.

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