Saturday, September 24, 2005

Looking the other way

John Leo: "Sheehan, before and after her arrival in Texas, said a great many colorful things that failed to interest mainstream reporters. Some of her acid comments registered with the public mostly because of George Will’s powerful column of August 25 and his similar comments on the Sunday ABC TV news show This Week. A few made it on to cable news. Others simply failed to make it into the mainstream media. It’s worth reviewing what she said: The neocons deliberately allowed the terrorist attacks of 9/11. American soldiers are “being sent to kill innocent people” in Iraq. Her son, Casey Sheehan, “died for oil” and was “murdered” by President Bush. The United States is “not worth dying for.” The president, who “stole the election,” is part of the “Bush crime family,” a “lying bastard,” a “f├╝hrer,” a “filth spewer,” “the biggest terrorist in the world,” and an “evil maniac” who is guilty of “blatant genocide.” Sheehan also compared Lynne Stewart, the radical lawyer convicted of aiding terrorists, to Atticus Finch, the heroic lawyer who battled racism in the book and movie To Kill a Mockingbird. She has been accused of making vaguely anti-Semitic remarks, but she attributes those remarks to her political opponents. On Hardball, she said the American attack in Afghanistan was “almost the same thing” (i.e., just as evil) as the invasion of Iraq."
With the tragedy of hurricanes in the news, the media has forgotten about Cindy Sheehan. But even before the hurricanes, the media helped American forget who Cindy really is.

Why not just tell it like it is. Cindy Sheehan is not afraid to say it, don't be afraid to print it.


steve said...

Cindy was always a liberal media phenomenon, not a popular phenomenon. And her 15 minutes of fame quickly went to her head, fostering delusions of grandeur.

The fact that the liberal establishment was pinning its hopes on such a nut-case says as much about the state of the liberal establishment as it does about her.

Inheriting Syria said...
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