Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Babeling On

Rich Bledsoe's Blog: "The story of The Tower of Babel sets the theme for all of GodÂ’s redemptive work in history. Fallen manÂ’s idolatrous desire is to make for himself a self-contained world of complete adequacy. When Carl Sagan says, "The Cosmos is all there is, or all there ever will be"…,” he is stating the sentiments of the builders of the Tower of Babel. For them, the upper emporium was the realm of the gods, but it was by human effort and construction, a reachable realm, and that was itself a part of one cosmos. As one moved up the tower to the realm of the gods, ones own being could also be "divinized"”. Man'’s being was potentially divine, given the right techniques and methods, amongst which 'tower construction'” was foremost."

A while back I quoted a related post regarding God, modern man and Babel. I haven't yet read "The Singularity is Near" but Rich brought this to mind because of his uncanny ability to see related themes in the modern and ancient world. Rich's blog is a deep mine of uncommon value.

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