Friday, October 17, 2008

Church 2.0 Notes

I'm in Lexington, MA today for the Church 2.0 conference. I'll be taking notes here and liveblogging throughout the event.

Update: web site for Church 2.0

Notes from Greg Atkinson

Innovation is not a dirty word

Design: Do you matter?

Listening through technology.

Virtual relationships: can you have a real relationship online? Some that see Greg everyday don't know who he is or what he is doing. Others who have never met him face to face know all about him and what he is doing on day to day basis.

Open Sourceness

Apple, BMW, Ikea, Starbucks; all of these are known for design in a comprehensive way.

Many Apple users keep the box that the product came in.

Update: and

Churches must consider design comprehensively. Some are hiring mystery worshippers to help them.

Some decide whether to come back to a church before they ever hear the pastor from the pulpit. Some will never enter the door of your church because of what they see online.


From Greg: I shouldn't have to search around for last weeks sermon. When I click on "Meet the Staff" I should see smiling faces. is not too bad.


Top Web 2.0 from Colin and Greg:
Some companies like Apple tightly control some aspects of their company and build loose collaborative communities in other spaces (ITunes).

Comcast and Dell know listen for people talking about them online so they can respond and shape the conversation.

Greg: we are missionaries to a new world. Listening through technology is important for missionaries. People post their heart and life online.


How does ministry change when it goes online?


Break for lunch.


Twitter for small groups. Twitter can fill in the gaps between the times you are together and enhance the relationships for those in small groups:

Facebook is a place where your life can collide with others who you may interact with.

Web 2.0 rewards integrity. If you have integrity in your walk with Jesus, everyone who knows you can and will see that. If you are a hypocrite, that will be revealed as well.

Email is dying. Facebook is a preferred mode of communication. Kids don't answer their email, they respond to Facebook.

Broadcasting your service increases the audience: RSS, Mogulus, qik, blip TV, vimeo, truthcasting, Godtube.

Also using Skype and Mogulus to broadcast small groups.

Facebook ads used to connect students with

Outreach ideas: posting on Craigslist or meetup.


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