Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Music to my ears

LaLa: How Does 10 Cents a Song Strike You? | Listening Post from "Could the price of digital music be simply too high?

LaLa hopes so. On Tuesday, the company launched a new pricing plan that lets music fans buy songs from all four major labels plus 170,000 indie labels for a mere 10 cents a song, delivering on their promise to do just that. The catch? For that 10-cent investment, you only get to stream songs from the LaLa website, or through their online player with an iTunes-like interface and fast response time over a broadband connection.

Oh yeah, and there are no ads anywhere on the entire site.

Aside from the dramatically different price point and striking lack of advertising, LaLa's special sauce is its ability to suck your entire music collection into that online player for free so you can play it 'from the cloud,' as the saying goes. The site says it's the only one in the world with the labels' blessing to do this."

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