Monday, January 16, 2006

A Natural Majority?

Hugh Hewitt: January 08, 2006 - January 14, 2006 Archives: "If a bloc of four justices does emerge that does begin to speak in its opinions in the language of constitutional majoritariansism and traditional, theist-morality, that will represent the launch of an entirely new class of legal battleship which, with the assistance of new media, will have a range for its 16 inch guns never before seen when it comes to arguing about the course of Constitutional Law. Further, that range will extend far beyond the legal debates before the courts. Persuasive arguments are very potent things.

It isn't just the prospect of the decisions themselves that so alarms the left, I think, but also their fear of being totally and completely routed when it comes to persuasive argument.

The trumped up charge that a new SCOTUS majority will go hunting for occasions on which to impose their natural law driven jurisprudence is absurd.

But the prospect of tightly argued opinions in defense of majoritarian choices within our constituional framework which honor the traditional morality of the vast majority of Americans --well, that is something to look forward to if you are not a member of an elite who is certain that your views, while not widely shared, are nevertheless preferable to those of the unwashed masses."

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