Sunday, January 22, 2006

Of logs, specks and eyes.

I post this merely to point out that it is axiomatic in pop culture that hypocrits are only conservative and/or Christian. From Frank Burns of M*A*S*H to the Gay/Homophobic Neighbor next door in "American Beauty" to just about every depiction of priests or pastors.

I think books like the one below and Intellectuals by Paul Johnson prove that hypocrisy is a human problem, afflicting members of all parties, tribes and nations; regardless of what you might see on TV or in the newspaper. Clearly there are hypocrits on the right politically and among the Christian community. It's just that the word hypocrit is almost never used in modern parlance for any of the folks mentioned below. Why is that?

It's worth asking.
Power Line: Buy This Book!: "It's a good point. And yet...when you read Do As I Say, what mostly comes through it the sheer, jaw-dropping hypocrisy of the left. I would have said that my opinion of most leading liberals couldn't get much lower. But that was before I knew that Noam Chomsky has gotten rich on Pentagon contracts; that Nancy Pelosi, recipient of the Cesar Chavez Award for her work on behalf of unions, owns a non-union vineyard and several non-union hotels; that Ralph Nader is not only a union-buster, but a frenetic stock trader who benefits from his own selective attacks on corporate America; and Ted Kennedy squashed an environmentally friendly wind-energy project, not because he would be able to see it from his home, but because it might affect his view when sailing his yacht."

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