Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Real Villain

LILEKS (James) Screedblog: "So you have Swedish clothing designers putting a tag on hot jeans with a skull and an inverted cross, with the express intention of pointing out the “evil” of Christianity. 'It is an active statement against Christianity,' Bjorn Atldax told The Associated Press. 'I'm not a Satanist myself, but I have a great dislike for organized religion.'Atldax insists he has a purpose beyond selling denim: to make young people question Christianity, which he called a 'force of evil' that had sparked wars throughout history.

It goes without saying that selling anti-Christian iconography to European fashionistas is a brave an act as reducing the food pellet allotment to your pet hamster; a true act of bravery would be yanking the dead wildebeest out of a lion’s mouth. Or selling jeans that have the international cross-and-bar NO symbol over the crescent of Islam. They don’t dare do that – partly because they are deeply suffused in the very racism they decry, and regard the inhabitants of their tall dead Corbu-inspired concrete ghettos as brown rabble beneath contempt and therefore irrelevant to relevant discussion, and partly because they have a nagging fear of editorials, hate-speech laws, tut-tuts from the thinking class, and the occasional unhinged fellow with a knife. But Christianity? Didn’t that die in a muddy hole in Ypres? "

Chocolat shows how wretched Christianity was. Good Night and Good Luck shows how wretched Republicans were. The Da Vinci Code shows us how wretched Roman Catholics were?

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