Monday, January 30, 2006

Pro Life Zealots on PBS

Here's some classic reductio ad absurdum from James Taranto and the Best of the Web:

The Hostess With the Mostess
Last week this appalling exchange occurred between PBS personality Tavis Smiley and actress Rachel Weisz:

Smiley: I should start by saying congratulations.

Weisz: Thank you.

Smiley: On a couple of different things. . . . First the nomination. And then the baby.

Weisz: The baby, yeah. It's--

Smiley: So you just announced the other day you're pregnant.

Weisz: Yeah, I'm five months now, so it's kind of safe to say out loud.

Smiley: Five months now, yeah. It's your first baby?

Weisz: First time.

Smiley: All right, so how's this feeling for you?

Weisz: Feel, right now, I'm in a good phase. The first three months were a little more tricky. You get morning sickness and a little tired, but I'm feeling quite good now. You, in the second trimester, I think you start to feel like anything is possible. Yeah.

Smiley: So this is, you're gonna stop working for a little bit, obviously, to be a mommy for a minute.

Stop right there! Baby? Mommy? What is this, "The 700 Club"?

Earlier this week we attended a debate on abortion, sponsored jointly by the Federalist Society and the left-wing American Constitution Society. From the pro-abortion debater we learned the correct terminology for a pregnant woman and her--um, how do we say this? Her--uh, hmm--well, you know what we mean, that "thing" in her tummy. Anyway, you're not supposed to say she's a "mommy" with a "baby." That is disrespectful to women. You're supposed to say she's a "host" with a "fetus."

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Paul said...

I like your observation on the liberal idea of abortion. When I listen to pro-abortion points, it's hard for me spell it out in my mind the way you did.

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