Friday, April 29, 2005

Blogging with Kids

Here's the reality. I really like blogging, but at this stage of my life I don't have time to sit in front of my computer screen reading news and blogging.

Most of the blogs I read consistently are the ones that have a PDA version that works with my Treo 600. Powerline and Instapundit have this. This way I can read blogs while I'm waiting at a stoplight or in a doctor's office. It's handy. One day all blogs will be read on my phone. And the Glory of the Lord will be revealed. (no blasphemy intended).

I need to be spending time with my wife and kids.

These days when my kids are young are passing quickly, never to return. So I'm out playing catch with my son, or working on my daughters science project or letting my other daughter ride on my back.

Someday I'll blog like a leaky faucet. But for now it's blog as catch can. I shoot for at least one post a day.

Thank you, gentle reader, for your attention.

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rob said...

You should check out bloglines. You can get that on your mobile.

Read more here

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