Friday, April 08, 2005

The Swamp is Draining

And now for some politics. War politics no less.

The Belmont Club: "I believe that historians in retrospect will understand the Iraqi insurgency was not something spontaneously ignited by outbreaks of looting in Baghdad in the aftermath of OIF, but a meeting engagement between two prepared forces. Iraq, as Princeton's Michael Doran observed, was intended to be the graveyard of America's counteroffensive against terror. Instead the enemy dug the grave for themselves. What we are seeing now is not simply the rout of a few armed men, but terror's greatest defeat in modern times."

How's that for a meme. In the months and months and months and months that crawled by while George Bush "rushed" to war, trying to gain the support of a corrupt UN and morally bankrupt Europe, terrorists gathered en masse in Iraq because they understood it as the front line of the war between Islamist terror and Western Civilization. Isn't it interesting that terrorists have a more accurate handle on geopolitical realities than some American Presidential candidates. I guess that's why they remained candidates.

I remember when the Bush administration started talking about the need to "drain the swamp" of terrorism by attacking states that harbored and promoted terrorists. Afghanistan was first, Iraq was second. This seemed to me to make a lot of sense from the very beginning.

I don't know if the Bush administration had any idea how successful they might be in this policy. It seems now that all the bugs gathered in the swamp of Iraq and our brave fighting men and women have pulled the plug and the scum has drained considerably, not just in Iraq but in the whole region.

The free peoples of this earth are safer as a result.

If you want to see someone get it wrong, read this:
"Progress and peace in the Middle East? We should only live so long."

Well, we did.

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