Monday, April 25, 2005

Coming to a College Campus near you...

USA WEEKEND Magazine: "MISCONCEPTION: Kids are becoming more violent and risk-prone. FACT: Over the past 10 years, serious violent crime by teenagers has fallen by 70%. Teen pregnancy is down by 33% (to the lowest level ever measured). High school sexual activity is down by 14%. Rates of teenage alcohol and tobacco consumption have fallen to all-time lows.

MISCONCEPTION: Kids are messed up emotionally. FACT: Teen suicide rates have been declining for the past 10 years. Nine of 10 teens describe themselves as 'usually happy.'

MISCONCEPTION: Kids are beyond the control of their parents. FACT: More than 90% of teens now say they 'get along' with their parents, and nearly 80% say they get along 'very well' or 'extremely well.' One survey found 82% of teens reporting 'no problems' with any family member vs. just 48% who said that back in 1974, when parents and teens were far more likely to argue over basic values.

MISCONCEPTION: Kids are having trouble in school. FACT: Eight in 10 teens now say it's 'cool to be smart,' and the average SAT score is the highest it's been in 30 years.

Adults who work directly with today's teens know about these new trends, especially the growing attachment to parents and teamwork. College admissions counselors now talk about the prevalence of 'helicopter parents' who 'hover.' So do military recruiters. And the military brass have noticed something else: 'We're seeing a huge cultural shift away from the word 'I' to the word 'we' in this new generation of young people coming in,' U.S. Marine Corps Gen. James Jones, head of U.S. forces in Europe, observed in a speech at the U.S. Naval Academy."

There's no I in team.

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Mark Kodak said...

This is encouraging. Glimpses of posmillenial hope.

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