Wednesday, April 20, 2005

TallSkinnyKiwi: CCC Theoblogian Makes Wired

TallSkinnyKiwi: CCC Theoblogian Makes Wired: "Try this at home: Type 'blogger stinks' into Google search engine and see McRyanMac's 15 minutes of fame."

Thanks for the link and the pub Andrew. I love the Theoblogian term as well. I've enjoyed getting to know your blog as well.

Yeah it noticed last week that I was getting a lot more traffic than normal on my blog. It wasn't an avalanche. More like the ice water that get's dumped on a coach after winning a game.

I noticed that most of the referral pages were from Wired News and lo and behold, there, my blog was quoted.

I'm such an amateur that I could just as easily have missed the whole thing.

Campus Crusade is slowly growing in it's web presence with sites like and others.

Blogging is still an unfamiliar term to most CCC staff however. I think this might be primarily due to the fact that most staff interact with students directly or with email. And most student blogs are simple diaries that end up orphaned over the long haul.

Still I think blogging is here to stay and will be an increasingly important part of campus life. Check out the Carnival of Education blog if you don't believe me.


djchuang said...

I'd imagine there are organizational concerns over matters like authority, vetting, legality, privacy, and such. Similar concerns are being wrestled with in the business world too about employee blogging.

One thing I find very ironic is the wide availability of the internet on most (all?) college campuses, and yet how (comparatively) little we see of their activity on the internet in general.

McRyanMac said...

Thanks for checking out the Blog!

Student activity on the Internet is more visible on Live Journal or other "blogs" that have a very personal "diary" type feel. My personal experience is that students are generally inward focused on themselves and their immediate circle of friends. Other than media consumption, most students don't use the Internet for expressing their own voice. Most students haven't yet found their voice. Worse, most campuses are bathed in political correctness and I've observed that makes students gun shy to express their opinions for fear of excommunication for heresy. Nobody wants to be publicly embarrassed by their professor or school newspaper so most students are content to sit on the sidelines of opinion.

Sad but true IMHO.

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