Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Church Webmasters - Stop Working for Free

Boyink Interactive, LLC : "Are you a web developer working on your church's website on a volunteer basis?

Stop it.


Walk away.

Or start billing for your time, at rates competitive in the local market.


Because when a church gets a website for free, it evidently has no value. Things with no value get replaced or reimplemented on a moment's notice, on staff whim, or as soon as the person leading the effort is called away."

This is sound thinking. (Hat Tip: effective web ministry notes)

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Sean B said...

As a developer myself, I find this foremost interesting!! I've never considered free projects to be so...replaceable. It makes so much sense.

And this is why ministry calls operations people into the task force. I think I get it. I think.

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