Thursday, June 02, 2005

More wisdom from your local college...

Althouse: How offensive does something need to be before you see what is offensive?:

Quoted from Jason Rosenfeld, a Marymount professor of art history: "That was the problem with Russia, is that it was full of orthodox religiosity and Christianity. That's why, you know, Lenin (a great Jew), Marx (a great Jew), had it right... Or was Lenin Jewish? ... I don't think he was, but we'll claim him, because he was a good egg... is because they wanted to get rid of religion, you know, religion was the opiate of the masses to Marx, who was a self-hating Jew, I guess, essentially. But my point about this painting is ..."

Oh yeah, that's because religious people are "moral retards". And Marx and Lenin were good eggs. Now it all makes sense.

That will be $20,000 a year, please.

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