Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Cinderella Man (2005)

I just watched Cinderella Man.

It's easily the best movie I've seen in a theatre in a long time.

The depiction of Depression era poverty is haunting for anyone with children I would think.

Do not miss it on the big screen.

My Rating: Own It.

The title reminds me of one of my favorite trivia questions: What was Cinderella's real name.

Answer: Ella


Sean B. said...

Yep, Cinderella Man (having just saw it last weekend) is easily the best work of cinematic production to hit theatres in a long while. It would be easy to say Russell Crowe just does great work but I think the real kudos go to the development of Ron Howard as Hollywood's next Spielberg. I'm pretty sure he just arrived on this film.

McRyanMac said...

I tend to agree.

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